more snow !

Published 31.08 in category Greenland Fall 2014

It is white everywhere we look, and the eyes can’t fill our thoughts with a single impression. On days like this the mp3 player makes a big difference. The thoughts are switching between daydreaming and listening to the songs. Except if you are breaking trail, then the focus is to keep the train rolling… 
Today has been a hard day, especially in the front. We did turns in 30 minutes with a break every hour. Navigating has been fairly easy since we had a steady wind from the right. After breaking trail for 30 minutes the person in front falls all the way back in the chain…

At the end of the day the sky opened up giving us an amazing view of this “frozen sea”. We only did about 12k’s, working a full day.
Temperatures have been warm, and we are now in the tent drying up.
Bengt and the team 🙂

Lat66deg10’15” Lon-4deg43’12” Alt +1551 m

Zac Lyon

Zac, from New Zealand to Greenland !

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