More than half way!

Published 24.12 in category South Pole Last Degree 2013


Summer started today in the Southern hemisphere. It  started as a beautiful day. Fifteen degrees below zero and a beautiful day, big golden disc warming us up in the sky. But later it turned into a complete whiteout. It’s now very hard conditions to ski on, the ice feels like paste glue, and we have to fight for every meter we advance.
But I am feeling strong, pushing ahead. I  thank Mom Gudveig for her energetic super cake, which keeps me going like a machine and always looking ahead to the next break and a little piece of it !!!



Same as the last few days, today again we did seven sessions  and seven hours. Total: 20 Km covered in the day, and now we have already covered over 23 KM. This means we are already half way through the expedition. A walk in the park !
One would believe that with as much as we eat the sled should be getting lighter and lighter every day. But then there’s the little detail that we must take all residue with us, so it’s not that much we are gaining.

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