More wind, but on the ice

Published 08.11 in category Patagonia 2012


Day 11-12, Thursday: It was a bit of misunderstanding. They could not get the last loads up on Tuesday. But as Wednesday dawned with beautiful weather they went down and got everything in place. But as they got back to camp the wind started building up again. They broke camp and set off on skis, but just 5 kilometres onto the Ice they had to camp. The wind got serious with the gusts in the storm category. They dug the tent down and felt safe as they were in the tents at 20:30. But through the night the wind kept building and was hitting 30 m/s.
It did not ease much during Thursday, but the weather prospects look very good for tomorrow so they get themselves ready.
But the positive is that they had time to send us some photos.

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