Published 06.09 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016

We started skiing, screaming our motto” MOT NUUK!” Not totally different than the first one ” NACH NUUK!”  ,but we are simple people and we like to keep it that way.
We are slowly moving downwards from the plateau. Having completed 300 and something km we still have some days left before we reach the end of the ice and venture into the awesome Austmannadalen, where Norwegian vikings lived for some time long ago…

The day started good with pretty nice weather. Cold,but not that cold and a little wind. After two legs, which are increased to 1,10h, the weather steadily turned worse. We had a storm in front of us.

The next thing that happened, we could hardly believe. Bengt turned around and shouted through the wind “we take a half day!” On the 4th leg it was a whiteout and the wind was getting intense. We secured camp and went inside at 14.00. Unheard of amounts of time to read, eat and relax. This stuff is good for the body and soul. Tomorrow we start two hours later as the storm will die out during the time spent regaining our strenght.


Expedition got its name from this: “The MOT NUUK expedition”

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