Published 24.05 in category Greenland Adventure 2014
The weather in Tasiilaq has been warm for a while. Nice if you’re here for walking around in the city, not so nice if you are traveling on the ice. Its a good thing we have dogs that are used to wet conditions!


We roamed out of town in two teams. One sledge with 12 dogs and the other with 6. Salo our local guide are handling the big team and most of the equipment. The sea ice is bit slushy and wet, it forces us to navigate away from the worst parts. The dogs are really happy, they love the water and they love each other. We had to stop once since one of the females is in heat… We camped on the other side of the bay, snow is better here than on the ice. The dogs are doing a great job and we are happy campers.

– Sigrid and the team.


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