Published 28.08 in category Greenland Fall 2016

N.I.C.E! (Norwegian Italian Canadian Expedition)

Today the expedition got it’s name!

The day started with white-out and snow. As we put up the lunch-tent we had added one 1/2 hour leg of walking. By the time we camped, the temperature sank, and the sun came through! We did 20,5 km, and  are now at 1994m altitude.

The expedition-member of the day is Kari. She is from Huskyhaugen in Norway. She is also the aunt of another team member, Bettina. Kari is a very caring and strong team member and is a very valuable person to have in an expedition team like this. Bettina og Kari hilser til hele familien, hele Huskyhaugen-familien og til far/bestefar Odd. Gratulerer med dagen.



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