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Published 31.05 in category Greenland Spring 2013

It was totally whiteout when they woke up last morning, but cleared when they were ready with skies on. Whiteout in this altitude means in most cases that they are in a middle of a cloud, with more or less zero visibility. Contours on the ground disappears. The guys further back can rest their eyes on the sled in the front, that’s a luxury the first guy doesn’t have and it can be difficult to keep direction under such circumstances.

What we normally do then is to attach a piece of lightweight string or fabric to the ski pole, and depending on where the wind is coming from, ski at the same angle to the wind all the time. Every hour or so we check the heading with GPS to see if the wind has changed.

But after start it cleared up, and became a really good day with 30.5 km distance done, in 9 marches. Not bad at all, especially since temperature was quite hich and they had some sticky snow.. It is now less than 90 km left to the coast, and it should be possible to complete the rest of the trip within 3 days.Sticky snow

Last camp position:

Lat+65.981683 Lon-040.543433 Alt +5699 ft (6s ago) 30-May-2013 23:29:47 UTC

Camp Skiing with sled

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