Newtontoppen, day 4

Published 19.08 in category Newtontoppen 2016

Special day from the beginning to the end!

22,5 km today, white out all day!

Oh no, sorry, we have seen the horizon one time, briefly …

It’s wet here in Spitsbergen. We started the day in the white out with a little rain and some westerly wind. It calmed down later in the day. We used the rope to cross crevasses (actually crevasses that we could not see 2 years ago, last time we were here). Then the wind picked up with some very high gusts. I have never experienced wind like this in Svalbard, calm and suddenly exploding like in Patagonia! We secured the tent with the rope going back and forth on top of it for extra strength. We are now 11 km from the top of Newton mountain.

Tomorrow’s plan is to set camp closer to it and wait for an opportunity to go to the top. For the moment, weather is bad.

Quote from the guys: “warm, cold, rain, quiet, windy, ufff” declares Erlig “we experience everything except sun and view” says Lars,  Bjørn is already sleeping…sweet dreams!

Cheers, Vince, Bjørn, Erlig and Lars

Our position

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