Newtontoppen, day 5

Published 20.08 in category Newtontoppen 2016

Friday 19th August, 19:00.

At the base of Newton mountain! Waiting for good weather. Last night was pretty intense, gusts were shaking the tent pretty hard. I stayed awake most of the night and had to go out to check the anchor points of the tent. This morning the wind calmed down. Skied 8 km in the white out but we happily arrived to the base camp. The mood of the team is good, we are in a good position and it’s day 5. We still have 7 expedition days in front of us. We are a the moment in the tent waiting for the weather to improve so we could attempt to go to the summit of Newton, 1713m. For now it’s all white! We only saw a small rock face of the mountain since we are camping near by. It is a good spot sheltered from the wind. The plan is to stay here until sunday before heading back. Looking back to the past 5 days, we have done approx. 90 km in 5 days. See you soon for another report! Cheers Vince and the team with Bjørn, Erlig and Lars.

Our position

Day 5

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