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Published 03.09 in category X'Greenland 2012
The crew

The Beast and the Beauties… The Beast – eh Bengt, in the middle

Day 8, 9 & 10, Sunday 2nd September: The snowfall yesterday did not do any wonders to the trip. It became heavy going as they had to take turn in breaking a train. It did not help that the sun came back out and made the snow softer and heavier – and stickier. On Saturday the wind picked up as they found themselves south of a high pressure and west of a low pressure. That rally wiped the wind up, but the temperatures and wind direction meant again very tough going. Both days they put in an extra hour only to camp out at only 24km.
Sunday the weather stayed warm but with heavy clouds and whiteout. They even fared rain. That did not come, but the wind finally packed the snow a bit better and they did some 27km. Still a bit short of target (30-33km), but as they near Summit (highest point) they were hopeful of better distances in the days ahead.
The progress the last 3-4 days have not been as planned. They are running behind schedule, and that was pretty tight as it was. Due to the enormous melting this year we took the decision to start as late is possible to avoid as much water as possible. So far that has works out, though the verdict will come in the western icefall. On the 15th September the Icecap closes for expeditions, so we could have a race against time to get over. The next days progress should be interesting to watch.
Camilla sends her greeting to family and friends!

Dag 10

Studies from the weekend



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