The sauna in the middle of Vatnajökull!

Published 15.03 in category Vatnajökull 2010

We have now reached Grímsvötn, the cabin that I told you about yesterday. It is incredibly nicely situated, 1700 metres above sea level. We had temperatures of three to four degrees below zero today, 23 km of great skiing conditions and excellent glide, and lots of sunshine from a blue sky.

This cabin belongs to the Icelandic Glaciological Society. Here is a sauna with steam coming directly from the ground, and everything inside the cabin is heated by steam. It’s almost unreal to come here. There are even heaps of hot stones – in the midst of the glacier!

The cabin is situated right next to Grímsvötn, where there was a week-long volcanic eruption during Christmas 1998, and another outbreak in 2004. So this is a real geothermal area. Grímsvötn is a very beautiful and special place, and it’s a delight to enjoy the lodgings here. We have bathed, relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. As tempted as we may be to extend our stay, we need to carry on tomorrow – we still have four days of skiing to go before reaching the northwestern edge of the glacier.

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