North Pole last degree, on our way North….

Published 15.03 in category North Pole last degree 2019

In just a couple weeks the team (Peter, Anja, David and James, together with Bengt Rotmo, their guide) will get together in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, where they will embark upon last minute preparations and get geared up towards adventure and the unknown !

“D” day is the 4th of April, and since the night before they will already be on “stand by”, with their sleds and all luggage packed and checked in at the airport, waiting for the pilot’s “go ahead”.

If everything goes as planned, meaning if mother Nature and weather allow it… they will take off towards the Ice and Barneo floating station in the morning.

From this blog we will keep you informed, with as much information and photos as time and conditions allow them to send.

Of course the team is in regular contact not only with the Barneo station, but as well with our office and 24 hr team, and this means that even if there is no news on this blog everything is going well and as planned. Sometimes all we receive is an “OK” message at night, when they are ready to sleep… we will post those as well !

To all of you, adventurers , friends and family, share this link and enjoy the ride !!!

The Ousland team.

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