Northern Lights

Published 08.09 in category Greenland Fall 2013

We are trying catch up our lost time. The last days we have started watermelting 0430. We are walking 10 effective hours every day. In the middle of the day we take one big brake where we put up the tent real fast, and have a great meal, a lot of water and much laughter.

Today was a lot like the two last days, with whiteout and pretty warm weather. The skiing has been good troughout the day, a hard surface with 5-10 centimeters of new snow. We did 28 kilometers in a straight line. Besides of this there is not much to say about the day. We have started to talk about the meal we are going to eat when we reach Kangerlussuaq. The musk ox burger is probably the most popular one.
This night has been a litle colder, and we can see northern lights above our camp.
Saludos, Bengt

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