NorthWest passage, days 12 + 13

Published 20.04 in category North West passage 2018

Day 12th.

We had half a rest day due to terrible conditions…

Day 13th.

We have covered 24 kms in 8h15min… The day started with 14 below zero Celsius and 13-14 m/sec tailwinds. Soft conditions because of the heavy snow fallen the day before….Then the skiing conditions became better during the day, and we managed to push a reasonable distance.

As we wait for the Real Turmat  dinner to be ready the wind has calmed outside and the temperatures are dropping for the night… 

I would like to send my best to all the followers of the blog, and challenge them to share what they read on Facebook?!?!

My thoughts goes to my children, Oline and Hjalmar Johansen back home. I think of you all The time! See you soon.

I would also send my best to Gunnar H. (Maybe you will be just here this time next year 😉

Cheers from Are, Bear and the rest of the team.

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