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Published 13.04 in category North Pole 2010

Tuesday: All went as planned and they all checked in at the Longyearbyen Airport. But then time passed and after some hours they were informed that the flight was delayed due to too much wind in the Arctic sea.

This is not the random excuse, though. All travel in this totally isolated area, with absolutely no infra structure at all, is just for the very experienced. You do not take risks at all. So – in a way a delay is reensuring even though it is a bit enjoying as you are gearing yourself up for the start of the trip.

They went back to town for a big lunch and is now kicking their heals waiting for the next update.

We’ll keep you posted!

LATEST: No flying today. Better luck tomorrow!


Dinner with the Webers! They weere waiting for husband and 2 sons closing in on the North Pole

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