odd looking bunch…

Published 30.08 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016
As the wind is strong today again, we had carefully to protect our faces to avoid frostbites – for this reason, we all carry facial masks and look all rather odd: Max looks like Darth Vader, Evelyn looks like she’s on a secret mission hiding from some secret services, Steffen looks like some comic figure with his beak (nasal protection), Bengt looks with his bright blue mask like a physician coming out from the OR after a fancy surgery and now with his orange sunglasses on the way to the next beach. Steffen says I look like a woman with a burka – all covered up and totally hidden behind all the layers. Well, at least our funny “costumes” protect us well, and Steffen and me are even wearing fancy fibershorts to protect our bumps. Very sexy, indeed!
We are on more than 2500 m above sealevel – that’s higher then the Churfirsten or the Hvannafalshnjúkur, yeah!

In the evening, after 11 hours of travelling we enjoy the colors of the sunset as we pitch our tents and fire the stoves to melt all the water we need – only for drinkig and food, not for washing, of course! Day ends not too late as wake-up is every mornig at 5:00

nansen day 10

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