off and on the ice

Published 28.10 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2014


We had a lazy morning today. Well deserved after a long day lowering down pulkas yesterday. We came into camp in the dark at 21:00 and woke up at  7 this morning.
First we went up to the ice edge and picked up 1/2 of our stuff and went down to the camp that was on land. After a coffee brake we then went on land for a while, and back on the ice. We left the load there and went back for the last load. Then we went on with pulkas and crampons with all the equipment. Now we are settled on blue ice, close to a moraine.
We had a nice evening in the big tent as always, with Ole and Christian in charge of the music.
The team is a little wet, but happy.
Bengt J


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