Off the Ice… for a while

Published 30.07 in category Nordaustlandet 2013
Great conditions!
We are in camp again after another great day. Our camp is on snow, only ten meters from land, at the same place as we used last year.
Yesterday we only walked for 8 hours, but the conditions was amazing. The snow was frozen on top and easy to walk on. In total we did 26km. From yesterdays camp we could se over to Vestfonna and Hindlopen.


Today we only walked 11 km in a straight line, but had to find our way trough crevasses and melting rivers. The crevasses started straight after yesterdays camp. The last part of the day has been in a melting zone with lots of rivers. We had nice weather today as well, not much sun, but clear and easy to navigate in.
This place is full of life, there is flowers on the ground.  We`ve seen footprints from reindeer, but no signs from polar bear today. Coming of the ice was nice, and we have already carried one round of gear down to one of the rivers we have to cross tomorrow.


Tomorrow will be a real working day. We have to move ourself and the equipment all the way over to Vestfonna, the western glacier here on Nordaustlandet.
We are well on schedule, everybody are having fun and life is good.


Regards, Børge and the Team


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