oh, yes, the sun in the front, and wind in the back…

Published 16.05 in category Greenland-An apple for Isortoq

DAY 20
Oh yes… Sun in the front, wind in the back. Nice skiing-conditions all day. 37,2kms. Down to 1982 mas-level. That makes it 124kms to the coast. Hopefully the weather will stay like this a little bit more, so that we can see the mountains in the horizon when are closer… Maybe on the evening of 17th of May.
The plan now is one more long day. Then a little bit of 17th May celebration and then take it easy down the Icefall on the east-side, down to the sea.
Some regards today as well. We all want to send huge thanks to Erling Aasjordet for the nice work with our dried elk-meat.
And Terje wants to wish his daughter Maren a good recovery after her eye-surgery. Dad really loves you Maren, and thinks about you a lot !

Cheers from Are and the team. Our position


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