On Ice!

Published 25.07 in category Nordaustlandet 2013

Ready to walk


Tonight we had a great landing close to Kapp Laura. The wind was calm and the weather beautiful. Getting  ashore was absolutely lovely.

The visibility was good, and we spotted an alternative route up to the glacier. The first snow was only 20m from the landing point! That saved us several hours carrying loads up to the ice. Since then we have been on skies.
The route up is a somewhat different than last year, we even passes small crevasses from time to time. Nothing serious, but quite different from last year. We are slowly get`n closer to the old route.

Today we trawled 14km in total. On our way we crossed two old polar bear tracks. The first was on the landing point. For the half of the day we had whiteout and the walking conditions was wet and heavy. We got the first dry snow at 300 meters above sea level. Our camp is at 440.
We are in polarbear-country now, and watches our back constantly. The tents are placed close together and around the camp there is a trip wire connected to flares.
All in all we are truly happy campers now. Everybody is very pleased with the experience so far.

All the best!
Børge and the Team!

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