On our way back South!

Published 23.08 in category Newtontoppen 2016

On our way back South!

It was time this morning to say goodbye to the Newton Mountain and start skiing down South.

We covered 20 km today, up and down hills and across crevasse areas. We could see some mountains in the beginning but in the afternoon the white out and the wind were back. Wind was approx.15m/s.

After all this white out, we must treat ourselves in the evening in the tent. Erling offered me 3 French red wine. That was so cool! And then we didn’t wait so long before enjoying the stinky smell of Camembert ! Thanks Erling !!!

Tonight we are camping on Lomnosov glacier.

Cheers, Vince, Bjørn, Erlig and Lars


day 7 A


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