On our way to South Georgia

Published 22.03 in category In Shackleton's footsteps - South Georgia 2013

So we arrived in Uhuaia on the 19th in the afternoon, after a long nights
flight from Paris. On the plane we also teamed up with Thomas Ulrich, my
expedition partner from the Frans Josef land and the Patagonia trips. He
will join us for this crossing and it is great to be on a trip together
Everything went well except a small handbag that got stolen! It was at the
airport in Buenos Aires. Fortunately not containing anything that couldn’t
be replaced, and a reminder that we cannot leave luggage unattended in
crowded airports, it is that one minute criminals are looking for.
Anyway, skis, boots and the rest are safely with us. We used yesterday night
to go through all our equipment, checked tents and stoves and packed most of
it in our sleds on the helideck (photo). That was a good idea, since seas
are already rough and we are still in lee of land. Forecast is not good;
it’s going to get worse. Not much stopping the waves in the southern ocean
and we must be prepared for some heavy swells…
We have now moved the sleds down to the cabin, to be able to pack the
smaller bits and pieces in a more comfy environment. It’s still another 4
days or so before we get to King Haakon Bay, which will be our startpoint
for the traverse.

Stay with us for more updates to come…

Regards from Børge and team

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