On our way up, and almost there

Published 24.10 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2013

Unreal weather yesterday, no changes, everything went fine. well, everything fine but for one of the horses who stumbled into the river !!! No problem though, just a little bit of action to wake us up. Everybody (and the horse as well ! ) are good.

Campsite at the edge of the forest, into the mountain area, and we spent a looooong evening by the campfire. It feels great!

This morning it’s been the same. Long time around the campfire with everybody very happy. Life is good.Another beautiful morning, it is really hard to believe, no clouds and the sun is out in full force again. We are already 3 days up and we can  see the white of the glaciers getting closer and closer every day.

Spirits are high and we are all having a great time. what more can we ask for?

Closing down now and ready to go.

Greetings to everybody from the Polar team !


DSC00032                                                   DSCN0671

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