On our way

Published 13.02 in category Finnmarksvidda 2014

Report from Bengt’s Rotmo, today 13th February from Finnmark:

Here we are at Wisloff camping in Alta. After meeting up with all the team yesterday, we are now finished with the packing preparations for the trip. In just half hour we will be picked up to head up towards the storage site and will then be on our way up the plateau.

Preparations under wayThe sun is shining, there’s no wind and weather is warm, maybe 3-4 º below zero. Conditions are excellent !

It might be a bit colder and windier once we are up in the highlands, but not much. If the weather stays like this it will be a very nice trip.

There’s not that much snow, definitely less than last year. Snow is quite hard and not too loose, so there will be good conditions for skiing up there.

The team is all ready and happy and we are ready to go !


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