On the beach – staring now!

Published 22.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013

This message just came in from Bengt: bilde 3

In Norwegian we have a word for the big waves that stil is left in the sea after the last storm. It is “Oldsea” in norwegian “Gammelsjø” the inuits also have a word for that it is at least pronounced Arregayo.

We started the day beliveing we would have another day in sivilisation to finetune the equipment for the expedition. While we had a long breakfast we got a phone from Hans Christian. Our sailer found the weather okay, and was ready to bring us to the drop off.
After five hours of arms and legs and shuteling of equipent, we went from Tasiilaq.
We learned a new word on our bot ride: Arregay – Oldsea, and together with that some waves on the top! We had to go slow, and the trip took about 4 hours. Sigrid had to feed the fish once, but after that she was the same happy girl as always. Zalo our boatman took us safely inbetween beautifull icebergs and to our dropp of. We buildt our camp close by the water, with a great view to the glacier!


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