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Published 12.04 in category North West passage 2018


Great day in the Arctic!

We did 22km today. We where walking on the sea ice close to the beach with huge pressure ridges along the way, really awesome to see. It’s like a wall with huge shiny blue iceblocks! Today was not so cold, we had 28 below this morning, and even warmer during the day. Tomorrow looks warmer so we will start earlier in the morning. This will give us a longer day, which should give us time to cover some more distance.

Rune & Team 🙂

Some words from expedition member Johanne.:

“Being inside the tent for a night, a day and another night is not that fun so it was nice to see the sun when we started walking today… The weather was shifting as we went along but we did have some sun that warmed us up. Bear is such a happy dog. He runs along the line and checks up on everybody. He will find small animal droppings on the snow and he chews them up like they are candy. Sometimes if they are extra good he will roll around on them… He gives out hugs to everybody who want’s them and who wouldn’t. It’s a nice group that are travelling together. We have the honeymoners from Norway, Ingvild and Are. Ingvild has always a smile on her voice and Are is loud and tell jokes. Then we have Stuart. He is from Texas and is not like the typical texan with boots and a stetson. Thierry is from Paris and I can easily visualize him on a small cafe with a cafe au lait and a croissant. Ingrid is the woman from Germany that moved to the south of Spain, and spends time in the Arctic every year. Markus is a dentist from Switzerland who kind of reminds us of Gandalf. Rune who is the youngest one is also the boss. But that seems to come naturally to him. So what about me? Well I come from Norway where I live with my husband, our two kids, three dogs and two cats. Not much to say really. Have never really liked to ski but here I am ! “

Stor klem til August, Helga og Marcus.

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