On the run again!

Published 03.05 in category Ice Legacy. St. Elias glacier
DAY 12
Lat+60deg23’27” Lon-140deg22’41”
On the run again! 32km today.
Out of the tent this morning, wind blowing but less than the day before when we stayed in the tent the whole day. We use wind indicators that we attach on our ski poles, simply a piece of light fabric. When it’s windy we can follow a bearing/course just by looking at them.

With 3 reefs in the sail we got to cover 14km, lots of powder on the way, no easy to work with… Stopped sailing because wind too strong.
Later in the day, we tried to sail again. We get ready with the set up but gusts too strong we packed down and continue skiing. Towards the end of the day we decided to give it another attempt. Very little wind. After a short while, we stopped again, hard to control the sail, wind too strong.
Ski sailing is very much a matter a stopping in advance before things get worse.
Glad to be fine back in the tent. Tonight Lasagna and cognac 🙂
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