on top of Newtontoppen !

Published 22.04 in category Newtontoppen April 2018

Hi guys!

Woke up this morning at 5.30 and were ready on the skies by 8. Lars Ebbesen, our “weather wizzard :-)” told us the day before about a good weather window from noon to 2pm in order to reach Newton top.

Glad we had this report! It worked just the way he said it.

At 2pm, after skiing 9km to the bottom on Newton, we were finally standing on its top and right before the cloud came. While we were on our way down, the top of the mountain became totally hidden… So we basically entered the right door at the right time.

Thanks ‘Weather Wizzard”!

We start our way back tomorrow morning.

God natt les amis

Vince Colliard sent this message from Lat+78deg59’21” Lon+17deg13’46” Alt+3476ft  2018-04-22 20:23UTC

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