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Published 22.08 in category Greenland Fall 2015
Polona checking water
It is always a bit stressfull before we head out. Lots of things to check and double checked. Food to buy, meeting at the police station, equipment to pack, final logistics, fill up the fuel cans, burn check all the stoves and many other things. Its when you wake up after the first night in the field that all the stuff starts to find its place and the calmness of the expedition comes over us.

Today we have started early. The alarm clock woke us up at 6:10 and in less than 3 hours we ate breakfast and packed the camp to head on to a hard day on ice. Not bad for the first morning! Then we have crossed numerous rivers with melt water and slalomed fields of hummocky ice. We have been rewarded by beautiful views on the ocean, instant noodles and icelandic dry fish. Now we are in the tent recovering and preparing for another similar day tomorrow.

Bengt, Rogier, Thomas, Morten and Polona : )

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