‘orange hat day’

Published 17.05 in category Greenland Spring 2018

Waking up to the sound of a strong wind helped me make my first big decision of the day. It was an ‘orange hat day’, definitely. I always wear my orange hat when it’s cold and windy. It’s like my best friend and companion in these conditions. It served me well on NP and SP exps and i trust it to help me through these relentless Greenlandic winds… A few days ago my orange hat got tangled up in my tent mates packing and when I went to find it in its usual spot, it wasn’t there. That prompted 5 minutes of frustrating unpacking, keeping everyone waiting… Skis on, ready to go and getting cold by made waiting for me. In the end , my orange hat was located an hour later after our first march. Found by my tent mate in her things. A few lessons learned by all. It might seem funny but to me, on a trip like this , an orange hat is as important a clear thinking, ingenuity, good team work , strong legs , respect for the weather and a good sense of humour.

We are doing well overall with a few hiccups which we are dealing with , taking things as they come and paying attention to the now( which can be tricky when running low on coffee)

Denise a.k.a. Polardog

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