our expedition finally got a name: Mot Gjoa !

Published 18.04 in category North West passage 2018

The team did incredible, 18 km trough the heavy pack ice today. Amazing group with different experience!

Today our expedition finally got a name: Mot Gjoa !

We gather every morning and talk about weather and how the day will be, and before we ski, we all yell mot Gjoa together…

It’s great to ski trough pack ice, some of the blocks are as big as houses ! We ski around, trough, and even sometimes we climb over them. It’s a battle, but a battle of joy!

Today I (Rune) woke up to a message received over satellite from my girlfriend, it said: congratulations, you are going to be a father! 😊 A lot to dig in up here in the arctic, real joy! (Gratulerer kjære)

To the owner of the dog Bear: your dog is one of a kind, he is truly a real member of the team! He works perfect, not once has anyone said no to him. Everyone talks to him, pets him, and on hard days, he bring joy to the group!

All good here in the arctic!

Rune & Team

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