out of this storm

Published 14.05 in category Greenland Spring 2018

Out of the Storm! After 24 hours of stormy winds, it finally calmed down this morning at around 5 oclock. That feeling when it suddenly is no more wind is well described by Denises Philosophy around the subject: “It is so strange when it suddenly just stops like that. I mean, like, where does it go???” The morning was mostly free of wind, but after lunch we had 6-10 ms headwind. So with 8 legs of 55 mins it was a tiring day. We are happy that we got just about 20 km today and we are happy now to be back in our sleeping bags. Both me, Karen and Denise have been a little bit sick with cold, but Karen and Denise were both feeling very good today and I hope to be back in shape tomorrow morning! Cherrrss! From the big white “Superflat”! Bård Helge


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