Out with flying Colours

Published 16.11 in category Patagonia 2012

Day 17 & 18, Thursday: The last two days have been a rush and a fight to get back in time for the flights home. After some tough days in the ice, it eased somewhat and they could even use the sledges in parts. Wednesday they woke up to great weather again but had to backtrack to get the last bit of their equipment down. That took the best part of 5 hours. Then the focus was t0 get off the ice. This they managed and had the full camp on solid ground that night.

Thursday was a rollercoaster. All the original planes had been ditched, now all efforts were made to get beck for the flights home. The boat ride was stopped and a light airplane was found to land on a tiny airstrip down by the fjord. Early up and away. The walk back down trough the rain forest was tough in light rain. But that stopped, and late in the day the sun came back. They really fought for this one, and 17:10 they reached the airstrip just as the plane had landed some minutes before!
They climbed in and relieved they got down in time, sat back and thought the trip was over. – How wrong could they be! The flight back, low trough the Patagonian fjords was like scene from Top-Gun. Wide eyed and with adrenaline pumping Bengt described it as the greatest way ever to end a trip!
This evening it is showers, clean clothes and lots of Patagonian food an drinks! Tomorrow the flight back awaits them. Start bombing them with greetings!

from the last camp, but the firs in land

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