Over the hills and far away…

Published 22.05 in category Greenland-An apple for Isortoq

Over the hills and far away… At apx. 12.00 we got some longtitude and latitude coordinates ticking in on my InReach device. It showed us the pick- up point. It was far out the fjord…
It meant carrying all our personal and expedition gear over three mountains and down to the sea where there was an ice free bay.
I decided that the boat pick-up should be at 09.00 the day after. That should give us just enough time.
We understood that we had to carry back and forth two times.
With loads of 30-40kilos on our back, including sledges we headed out. Climbing over the mountains, it was a tall order! We climbed, fell down, got up again… We put out our sleeping bags and matresses and slept exhausted for a couple of hours, before putting on our skis and hauling all our stuff down to the pick up on the beach.
We had now just slept two hours for the up, and fought through the deep snow for 14 straight hours, finishing at 06:00 in the morning, when we had just a couple of hundred meters down to the ice-free bay….

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