Over the pass and through the fiery colours of autumn

Published 14.09 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen

It is the 14th of September and it really is autumn now. I notice that especially well when I journey by bicycle. I’ve been in Ørsta for a few day, visiting my son Max. He’s attending a folkehøgskole there – that’s sort of a residential college. So for several days I have been relaxing here, spent time with Max and had a fine time together.

The weather certainly hasn’t been the best one could hope for. It has been raining virtually all the time – there has scarcely been a dry day since I left Bodø, and today isn’t an exception either. In fact it has probably been the roughest day of my bicycle journey so far. This morning I started from Geiranger in heavy rains, with a strong headwind, and a road ahead of me that climbed steeply up to a thousand metres.

As I climbed the hairpin bends up the mountain, it felt like I was standing still despite my efforts. It was really tempting to get off and walk the bicycle up to the top – but I didn’t, of course. I pressed on and struggled up to the plateau. And it was quite a relief when I got there.

As I reached the divide or watershed, the weather suddenly changed for the better. It’s often that way as you drive from the coast of Western Norway, once you’ve passed over the mountains.

It was wonderful to see the sun again! After so much rain, after being wet and freezing for days on end, I had finally reached the top of the pass and started my descent on the other side.

It won’t be long until I reach Oslo now, and I am really looking forward to that.

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