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Published 23.12 in category South Pole Last Degree 2013

Iridium phone: Our link with the outside world

Tonight it was good on the satellite phone . It turns out that I had  sent messages to Bergen every night since Wednesday, but both Thursday and Friday disappeared into the ski without return . Cause unknown.
Today the satellite phone worked fine thankfully. Sound quality was super, but I cut down to a couple of minutes since it is not exactly free to call. I will just send messages from now on .

Life in the tent



The most important : All is well in the expedition ! Life at 89 degrees south goes fast , with long efforts every day  but advancing very well  on our skis. Seven sessions and seven hours as yesterday , but today we did 20 km to the end. Five of the sessions were at  90 % intensity , and the others a bit calmer. Easy to get too  tired of such an effort otherwise!
The weather is not at all bad, it was cloudy today and only ten degrees below zero!
Good atmosphere in the tent, now a few stories and soon is sleeping time , before a new long and great day of skiing !


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