Plane-ly stuck

Published 22.11 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

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Tuesday: And so we continue the epic serial ‘Stuck at the wrong side of nowhere’. Another great day for sportsmanship in the snow. Same weather, same cold, same activities, same excellent food – same big laughs. Because spirits in no way crushed.

Though, they start to have that niggling little feeling someone is not quite on their side. Other expeditions come in and are immediately out again. The Twin Otters fly off with climbers for Mt Vinson, tourists for penguin colonies and skiers fly to the Last Degree, Hercules and Messner routs. Conditions are perfect everywhere apart from where we are going. – and today they got the news that one of the Twin Otters had a very hard landing and is in need of repair. Not good with the nearest spares on another continent.

But, they are not down, and even with whispers about flying out at the end of the week – we pin out hope for tomorrow. Everything else would be wrong.

på isen

Bored? Not these guys / Ingen kjeder set. Ingen! (Foto Knut B)


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