“Polar academy” – Graduated!

Published 21.09 in category Greenland Fall 2013


Greenland 660

There isn´t many moments that comes close to the feeling you have the night after finishing an expedition. The equipment is stored in a proper place, you get out of the shell layer, sitting in the underwear on a real chair. In front of you there is fresh food and perhaps a cold beer!
We got picked up at 660 just in time to be able to order 10 pizzas at the local pizzeria in Kangerlussuaq. First stop was to pick them up, then we drove directly to “Old Camp”, unloaded the truck and started eating. The food disappeared pice by pice in the laughter of us evaluating the trip trough out the night. Every greenland crossing is different and special in its own way. This has been a “weather crossing” we got almost everything that the iceland could give us weather wise. It has been moments that have been hard, but the “Marve humor” has always been there, that makes the whole difference. Even in the hurricane our tent walls was filled with laughter. The evenings in the tent was short in the end, but always with discussions about this and other expeditions. Since tree of us has done the Iditarod Trail, that was one of the things that came up often, but also trips in warmer climate like Juans crossing of Australia, diving in bad visibility – which is Sigves profession, hunting in the highlands of Norway and so one. The most important talks has probably been about the future: every member of the expedition has the head filled with new ideas and new trips. Some will probably stay there as ideas, but I´m sure that many also will se daylight. The whole team is now almost back home, and will shortly be back in normal routines. The “polar academy” is graduated!


Saludos, Bengt


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