Polar bear for breakfast

Published 07.07 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen

It’s the 7th of June and Day 67. We’re still on Champ Island – our position is N80˚36’, E56˚07’. We held a relaxed tempo today. Never did find those rock formations; it turned out the position we had been given was wrong, and that place is actually much further to the east. Well, there’s nothing we can do about that. Thomas and I did walk a bit further eastward, but only to find a good campsite. Now we’re relaxing and charging our batteries, so to speak.

Tomorrow we have a 30 km crossing to reach the other side of the fjord – one of our longest crossings on this expedition. It looks like the ice is going to be good, but we still want to do it in one day. Neither of us want to risk setting up camp and ending up on thin ice.

A polar bear come to visit us this morning, and wanted to join us in the tent for breakfast. Fortunately, it was the nervous kind. As soon as we said “Boo!”, it shot away across the ice, never to return. Nothin’ to worry about…

The weather was good today – or rather, during the night. Just cold enough. It’s clearly been beneficial to change our sleeping rhythm. We’re finding it much easier to walk when it’s -2˚C or so, and a layer of frost on the snow and ice.

Both of us are doing fine. I’ll call you with a new report tomorrow, hopefully from the other side of the fjord.

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