Preet and Alf xGreenland’20

Published 20.08 in category x'Greenland 2020

Thursday 20. August 2020

The pandemic has almost obliterated expedition. But, those with a mega-will and willingness to sit out uncertainties, was rewarded with Greenland giving a few a chance.Preet had been on us relentlessly all through spring and summer. And even as all the others who had signed up for Ousland’s end of season crossing dropping out one by one, she kept pushing us.It was unfortunate, but the way to make it happened only surfaces a few weeks before leaving. If was hard to see really great teammates drop out, not wanting to to compromise their families and daily life for they own greenland dream.But today Preet and Are boarded the plane to Nuuk and immediately started their quarantine. – At least they had time to lower their shoulders and calmly deep dive into the details!

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