Preparations for Greenland spring crossing have started

Published 22.04 in category Greenland Spring 2014

Although there’s still some time to the beginning of the trip, the team is getting ready for the approaching adventure.

Guide Are Johansen will be leaving for Kangerlussuaq shortly to start preparations. The rest of the team, formed by Mari Rodness Vesteras from Norway, Sanna Kallio from Finland, Gareth Collier from the U.K., Gunnar Holien, Peter Angell Moen, both norwegian, and Bill Hanlon from Canada, will arrive to Greenland in the first days of May.

We will be posting reports here, hopefully every day, although even on these days communications are not always that easy. Many factors might interfere on it, so we will keep everybody updated as often as possible!

We wish them all good luck and an excellent Greenland crossing !!!

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