Preparations ongoing in Kanger !!!

Published 07.05 in category Greenland Spring 2018

Preparations ongoing in Kanger !!!

By Friday 4th of May the whole team was gathered at Old Camp lodge in  Kangerlussuaq and we could begin our final preparations for the expedition.

We have had a nice time together with a lot of tents and stoves and gasoline and pulkabags!

By Sunday evening we are pretty much ready to go and are just waiting a pair of skis lost in transfer between Oslo and Copenhagen. The only things we don’t know now is those  we have forgotten…

Presenting the whole team, it is Mirek from Poland, Helmut from Germany, Helene from Norway, Joe from Austria, Khai from the US, Erling from Norway, Karen from Norway, Denise from Canada/Scotland and finally Me, Bård Helge from Norway. 😄

Tomorrow morning (Monday) we will jump into our ski outfits and stay there until beginning of June.

Cheers From Bård Helge and the team!

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