Preparations …

Published 02.01 in category South Pole 2008

Here is a selection from the expedition’s photo album. Click to see images full size.


Photos (from left): Svante and Nils Thomas inspect the tents. Britt busy preparing her equipment. Otto and Nick have brought the tale of Scott Amundsen for extra inspiration. Svante fixes the pulks.


There is only space for one when Svante packs the pulk. Nils Thomas tests a gas burner. The place to enjoy a good pint: Shackleton’s Bar. Helen dances with joy – the packing is almost done! …while Helen celebrates with a glass of “matte”.


Otto and Britt inspect all provisions before backing them. Part of the team is gathered (from left: Børge, Otto, Britt, Nils Thomas and Svante). All packed, but it won’t fit in the taxi. Hey, these two want to join us! Please?

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