Preparing to sail away!

Published 14.07 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen

It’s 14 July and Day 74 – and it’s the peak of summer. Our thermometer still shows a temperature of 2˚C. It was windy today, but not nearly as bad as we had feared. Now we’re camped at a good, sheltered site. The weather report indicates that we will have better weather in the days to come, with a northerly or northeasterly wind. That’s exactly what we need to cross the strait to Nortbrook Island.

The last few days, the wind has been blowing from the north and pushing the ice out of the Melanius Strait. There is almost only water here in front of us. That’s a great advantage! Because in this area it’s far better to move across open water than to move on skis. When the ice is so broken up, with many open leads, it takes a long time to move by foot. With open water, we can just paddle or even sail!

Our plan is to head northeast to a little island about 20 km out in the strait, and from there turn south to reach Northbrook Island. Hopefully we will still have a northerly wind then, at our backs, so that we can hoist our sails. Anyways, that’s the plan and we’re crossing our fingers that it will work. Right now we’re hoping the wind will remain relatively weak – because the seas can quickly become rather choppy out there.

Thomas and I will try to reach that first island in the morning. Our next report will show weather we made it and what our status is.


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