pretty out here!!!

Published 19.04 in category Hardangervidda 2017

Hardangervidda day 4. Ommm,  it is pretty out here!!! Almost a perfect day.

We skied 32 km in 10 hrs. Cluttered skies and 1-7 m/sec from west. Temperature -5 to -10. Some snowshowers but mostly sun.

The girls did fantastic today as well, what a marvelous group of fantastic people!

In the evening Johanne shared a surprise with us ,wow you don’t now what you are missing!

Tomorrow we are heading for Finse, the final destination of the trip. We will leave you, eager fans, a picture-special when we reach our final destination tomorrow. Until then stay tuned!

Are and the marvelous girls!

Are Johansen sent this message from: Lat 60.427766 Lon 7.499413


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