Pushing West

Published 14.09 in category X'Greenland 2012
Googe Earth bilde

google has here and there a satellite shot of the ice. One of them happened to be of the last camp area. – And it does not look like a plain, white son covered field, does it?

Day 21, Thursday 13th September: A pretty good day, all in all. The distances normally done through this area did not materialise. But there were many reasons for that.
In the morning the weather was pretty good and they saw glimpse of the sun. The temperatures were good but the snow accumulates during the last days made for quite heavy going. – Then after a few hours the whiteout descended on them and the wind shifted around from being from ‘behindish’ to westerly and more ‘frontish’.
The terrain is also nice here as they knock of a couple of hundred metres every day. But this year the mega melting had made the whole area below 1700 metres into playground. There are ridges, canals and riverbeds everywhere. In whiteout this makes for very interesting going and is testing their balance t the full.
On the positive side is that the water is frozen, the rivers are only half full and filled with quite a bit of snow. This flattens it out a bit and makes falling over a much bigger ‘joy’.
They did 35 kilometres and have some 35 left till they are on the homestretch – or call it the icefall proper. What awaits us there is anybody’s guess. We can’t wait.

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