radar station dye-2 on our sights

Published 06.05 in category Greenland-An apple for Isortoq

Day 11

We skied all day with Dye-2 station on our sightline, and we stopped a few kms before it to avoid people and to avoid putting our tents up on earlier expeditions poop. 😉

Did about 23.5kms in total today.

Tomorrow we will go visit the station, then ski away from it for a couple of legs, pitch our tents, and have ourselves a well deserved half-day of rest and relaxation in the tents… The last week we have been skiing for 69 ours, including the breaks, so we need to re-fuel before we are heading for the icecap-summit.

Since we started we have climbed up more than 1500 meters of altitude.

Hopefully it will be quite as cold tomorrow as it was this morning. -35C and 4-5m/sec. BRRR…

Best regards from the singing and swinging expedition!


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