Ready to explore!

Published 19.02 in category Arctic Greenland trail. Winter, dogsledge supported

This exploration trip will start soon… and seems it will be a great and magic adventure.

In late February our travelers Greg and Sturla will get together with Ousland’s guide Rune to meet and get acquainted with dog teams. Once ready will start the journey going East, from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq.

Here they will meet the rest of the team, Olivier, Angela, Romain and Einar, and all together head back to Sisimiut, maybe the same way, maybe a slightly different route… this is a new and exploration trip so it’s wide open !!!

On this blog we will be in touch, post position, photos, all as much as time, weather and team conditions allows it (it’s sometimes hard to send a lot of info after a long and hard day…sleep comes first 🙂

The Ousland team.

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