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Published 21.12 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

2011 LOGOWednesday / South Pole: It was absolutely fantastic to arrive at the South Pole. The whole team bubbled over with joy and proudness. And, to be fair, it was a stunning trip. It was one of the fastest ever trips from the coast to the South Pole. They did one of the big historic routs, they did a rout that is harder, higher and colder than all other routs in use. And they did it in style: No problems, no wounds, no breaking of equipment, no mistakes. They did ii unsupported and unassisted. – What more can be asked? That they also walked like clockwork in very taxing and harsh conditions says a lot of the determination and preparation that has gone into this trip.

The Days at the Pole has been bliss. The Jubilee Camp was still up and they have been able to sit on chairs! Being served food! Drinking coffee and chatting leisurely. And even had the od glass of red vine!!!

It has been a well deserved day and a great way to let the victory sink in.

But now it is all hand on deck. They are looking ahead as the group will be split up here.

Trond and Linn-Elise will head home. Trond’s plan was always to head home after the Pole. Linn have to because of the very late start. She is running out of time. They will be accompanied by Ottar. Both he and Jacob got severe frostbites on their own trip to the Pole. Ottar’s is not healing as fast as hoped, and that, together with the fact that he will loose his job if he returns late, he has no other option but to go home. But all had the South Pole as their very Goal, and with that accomplished whey will return happy!

Jacob will return to Union Glacier and rest there for some time as he lets his wounds heal before he hope to climb Mt Vinson.

THE REST: Silje, Teo, Rory, Gørild and Christian will sett out on their mission to cross Antarctica. They will use a combination of skiing and kiting and hope to do it in around 3 weeks. They have prepared hard and should be ready to leave some time today.

So stay tuned, This is not over at all!

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