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Published 09.11 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2013

Yesterday was another long day. We started at about 9am and were back at 6:30pm. It took us all this time to head back up the mountain to pick up our last load of equipment and come down. Again the weather was excellent, sunny and beautiful , and we had amazing views over the glacier San Rafael all day long.

Truly this has been an amazing trip, something out of your wildest dreams. We were very lucky from the start, even had some days of rest, and then this last two days in the cabin where we have enjoyed very much. I think we could even turn around and head back again over the glaciers !

Now we are standing by the lagoon, great views, a lot of icebergs, big birds flying over us, and just a minute ago there were wildcats where I am standing now. Just the most amazing surroundings.

So, we are ready to go onboard our boat later on. All conditions are fine, there is no wind, it is sunny with just a little bit of overcast, so I believe we will be back in Coyhaique soon. Once there we will reorganize our stuff, and since we still have a few days left, we are leaving on the 15th-16th, we may go for a little kayak trip. But that we will decide as we go. It is just so good to have a bit of time for different activities here in Patagonia.

So that’s all for now, regards from all team !

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